Gain a deeper understanding of different audience segments: what they look like, what they think, how they behave and what is their context.
Foundational knowledge
A hybrid quantitative and qualitative approaches to develop meaningful, useful and verifiable audience segmentation models.
Understand your audience through personas: archetypes of different target segments. Supported by data and human in quality, they ground design thinking in representations of actual users.
Customer journey maps
Storytelling and visualization to understand and address customer needs. Journey maps illustrate the end to end flow and the organizational touchpoints along the way. They bring the story to life and help your team understand needs.
Observation is a powerful tool to learn about customers in their natural environments. It uncovers problem spaces and context: how and where people get tasks completed, what works, what doesn’t, and who is involved.
Diary studies
Get at the details of habits, processes and sentiment with longitudinal diary studies. These are ideal when wanting to capture more “in the moment” details of experiences that occur over longer periods of time.
Recruitment & incentives
Good recruitment requires a detailed touch, bringing in participants who truly align with your segments is key to understanding their real needs and problems. We manage all the logistics around scheduling and paying participants.

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We deliver research with impact, bringing our clients closer to customers and delivering data driven insights. Our researchers continually evolve their approach and methods to keep pace with the rapid shifts in mediums and technology.

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