BC Hydro


In 2017 we worked with BC Hydro to re-imagine their ‘Customer Connections’ service using a customer centric approach.  The project took place over a 3-month period and used a design thinking methodology to surface insights and explore opportunities.


Connecting customers is a complex, high-touch service. BC Hydro manages 35,000 connection service requests per year with a wide range of project complexity and connection requirements.


How can we increase efficiency and improve customer experience for connection services?


Design thinking is a combination of assessing the current state business processes, conducting customer research to deepen understanding of their needs and pain points, co-creating the ideal experience in customer journey mapping workshops, and prototyping opportunity areas to test assumptions and validate requirements.

“Projects typically start with business requirements and go straight to technical solutioning. This time we wanted to start with the customer.”

– Kari Baker

Customer Service Project Management Office (PMO)

Insight-driven Outcomes

By adopting a new approach, we accelerated requirements gathering, reduced risk by focusing on delivering maximum value to customers, and created a common vision for success.

The outcomes were exactly what the Connections Leadership team needed: a strong business case and a clear roadmap.

“The customer focused approach delivered much more than I expected. Our team is excited to be part of a vision that will deliver a whole new level of customer service.”

– Ned Dharamshi

Customer Care

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