Augmented/Mixed Reality in Education


Spatial is working in collaboration with BCIT, UBC, SFU and the Centre for Digital Media to evaluate mixed reality application ideas and unpack issues around implementation, cultural change management and learning outcomes.


Is the promise of AR/MR technology to improve teaching and learning actually supported by measurable outcomes?


Provide insights and recommendations to instructors for the use of AR/MR technology that can be implemented as part of a course curriculum and support material.


This project brings together the expertise of all parties create a 3D helicopter rotor model in a Microsoft Hololens format and test how this MR interface compares to a similar 3D model accessed in a 2D interface, across learning and usability heuristics.


We are providing BCIT data driven insights around the use and adoption of MR. This includes considerations around effective practices in using the technology for teaching and learning and the interaction and information design and business/change management issues.

This will enable BCIT to deploy AR/MR technology in a wide range of applications that support continuous improvement in teaching & learning outcomes.

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