Fire up your team’s thinking with a Spark Session, a 1-day workshop on emerging technology. Workshops provide foundational knowledge and an exploration of opportunity areas for innovation in areas such as product development, sales and productivity.

Sessions are led by experienced consultants and focus on topics such as:

Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality (AR/MR/VR)
Voice interaction and digital assistants
Creating personalized experiences

Spark sessions are valuable for:

Off-site team-building and knowledge development

Injecting new thinking and inspiration into roadmap planning

Kick-starting ideation for innovation teams looking to differentiate

What does a Spark Session look like?

After an initial discussion to understand your needs and goals, we’ll tailor a program for your group size, area of interest, level of knowledge and desired outcomes.

We will host the sessions (at our office or yours) and will manage all the logistics and technical set-up.

The agenda of a typical Spark Session has two parts:

1. An educational component, discussion, and a hands-on exploration of emerging technology experiences.

2. A collaborative component that explores how your organization might leverage emerging technologies to differentiate and innovate.

Outputs from your session will be captured and presented back in a way that helps you move your ideas forward.

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.”

– Dean Kamen (American Inventor)

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Why Spatial for strategy services?

Digital product strategy lays at the intersection of business strategy and customer experience. Our consultants connect the dots between customer needs, business objectives and product, operational and technical capability.

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