Content is inextricably linked to user experience, and often, one of the hardest things to get right when it comes to digital products and services.
With more, diverse and ever-changing content channels and formats – video, infographics, ‘edutainment’, tweets, posts, mobile apps, games, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc. – it’s become increasingly complex for organizations to plan, develop and manage content in a cohesive way. This is where ‘content strategy’ comes in.
In the context of digital products and services, content strategy and UX/UI design are inextricably linked, and support each other.
Content strategy elements

Business goals and messaging
Brand tone and style
Product information
Interface instructional content
Support content

Structure of information
Taxonomy and meta data
Information architecture
Content model
People & processes
The content creation process
The content publishing process
Content standards
Optimizing performance
When do you need content strategy services?

If you are launching a new ecommerce product or service.
If you want to deliver personalized services.
If finding key information is difficult for your customers.
If your messaging and look and feel are inconsistent across channels.
If you are doing a website redesign.

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Why Spatial for strategy services?

Digital product strategy lays at the intersection of business strategy and customer experience. Our consultants connect the dots between customer needs, business objectives and product, operational and technical capability.

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