Everywhere we hear about the power of data – But many companies aren’t effectively using their existing data, because of three common problems: a lack of structure, resources and data-driven culture.
Spatial can help you unlock your data potential by identifying opportunities to transform data into meaning and value.
In the context of digital products and services, we have established a framework to help you get started using data more effectively in your organization.
Data strategy approach
Current state assessment
Assess current data utilization capability across the organization and barriers to accessing, interpreting and using data effectively.
Strategy & planning
Identify opportunity areas where data can be used to support business goals.

Put plans in place to address gaps in capabilities.

Practical implementation
Acquire budget and resources to execute plans.
Ensure training and follow up support is available.
When do you need data strategy services?
If you are doing a website redesign and want to understand current user behaviour.

When you are launching a new product or service and you need to conduct audience segmentation and targeting.

If you need to establish a performance strategy for a product or service.

When you want to optimize performance of your products and services.

If you want to deliver personalized services based on user attributes and/or behaviours.

If you find you don’t have the data to support business, product or design decisions.

If you have lots of reports but few insights to support business decisions.

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Why Spatial for strategy services?

Digital product strategy lays at the intersection of business strategy and customer experience. Our consultants connect the dots between customer needs, business objectives and product, operational and technical capability.

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