Emerging Technology

The future of enterprise productivity is spatial, auditory, and digitally assisted.
While still early days in terms of widespread adoption of emerging technologies, such as augmented/mixed/virtual reality (AR/MR/VR) and voice interaction, focusing on how people engage with these new technologies is key to success.

Extended Reality (XR)

AR/MR/VR are often referred to collectively as XR. XR will change our experience of the world around us and our perceptions of reality.
These 3D immersive experiences will lead to the next major shift in computing platforms.
Industries are seeing the potential for practical applications in AR/MR/VR:

Real Estate & Architecture
Energy/Mining/Oil & Gas                                       Manufacturing

Human Impact Research

Our team is at the forefront of developing new approaches and techniques for assessing the human impact of these immersive experiences.

We work with developers to bring the human element to the design and development process.

We provide user research and testing to help inform design, validate assumptions and concepts and optimize the user experience.

Product & Customer Experence Teams
We can help clients explore and innovate using these emerging platforms in a low-cost, low-risk way to explore ideas and concepts, create prototypes and bring the human element to the design and development process.

Partnerships + Community

We routinely seek to for partnerships with institutions, groups and companies that share our drive for innovation in the tech sector.
Industry Involvement
Spatial is a member of one of the fastest-growing and active chapters of the AR/VR association.
Academic Research Partners
We are working with UBC’s Behavior, Attention and Reality Lab to study the human impacts of XR technology.
Support and Mentorship
A partner of the Centre for Digital Media to engage and mentor students in industry projects.

Case Study: Augmented/Mixed Reality in Education

Spatial is working in collaboration with BCIT, UBC, SFU and the Centre for Digital Media to evaluate augmented/mixed reality (AR/MR) application ideas, and unpack considerations around implementation, human impacts, change management and learning outcomes.

This project is a great example of enthusiastic ‘can-do’ people getting together and moving ideas forward.

Interested in AR/MR/VR?