Compress months of business requirements gathering into an intensive, collaborative and highly efficient 5-day sprint that allows teams to explore ideas, answer questions and test solutions.

Our methodology uses design thinking and product breakdown processes to rapidly dig into an idea or problem and make quick decisions about what to develop and what to discard.

Sessions are facilitated by senior consultants with product strategy experience.

Spark sessions are valuable for:

Innovation teams that need to validate many ideas

Getting customer reactions and insights before making expensive commitments

Getting stakeholders aligned on the overall picture and rationale for decisions and compromises

Consensus-based decision-making cultures as the process diverse team members together to collaborate

Our approach looks like this:

Pre-sprint planning and preparation establishes the foundation and logistics for the sprint including a review of audience research and identification of success criteria.

The sprint starts with defining the idea, opportunity or problem and mapping ideal and/or future state experiences in storyboards and journey maps.

With this information we start to define the elements of the product with a focus on what makes this different or way better than anything else.

Prototypes are then developed and concepts tested.

“Coming up with ideas is easy. It’s picking the right ones to pursue that’s hard.”

– Elynn Lorimer – C.E.O

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Why Spatial for strategy services?

Digital product strategy lays at the intersection of business strategy and customer experience. Our consultants connect the dots between customer needs, business objectives and product, operational and technical capability.

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