Spatial researchers conduct hundreds of interviews and usability tests each year in a full-service lab that accommodates in-person and remote sessions on desktop, mobile devices, AR/VR, voice activated devices and prototypes of all kinds.
The lab room is equipped with several video cameras to capture multiple angles and a high-quality audio recording device. There is an additional room for on-site observation which can accommodate up to four observers. We can also arrange streaming of sessions to remote observers.
Our office is centrally located with ample access to parking and transit making it easy for people to participate. We are continually upgrading our lab to keep pace with emerging technology and have recently acquired eye tracking capability, AR/VR and voice activated devices.
Features of the lab
Lab facility
Fully featured facility with on-site observation, remote streaming and multiple video cameras. Our lab is mobile and we regularly conduct testing off site.
Eye tracking
Understand where your customers are looking and why, what do they notice, and more critically, what gets overlooked. We provide eye tracking for mobile and desktop.
We are continually building out and upgrading the technical capability of our lab. We are fully capable of testing AR/VR and voice interactions.
Streaming capability
Our lab live streams the entire session to remote observers.
Audio/video recording
Our equipment supports a variety of testing scenarios, whether for desktop or mobile, AR/VR or voice, we have the recording devices needed to capture high quality video and audio of sessions.

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Why Spatial for research services?

We deliver research with impact, bringing our clients closer to customers and delivering data driven insights. Our researchers continually evolve their approach and methods to keep pace with the rapid shifts in mediums and technology.

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