Transforming complex processes into intuitive experiences.
UX Design encompasses a broad range of skillsets, processes and practices that have the ultimate goal of meeting the needs of the customer in a way that is seamless and intuitive. Our design work spans all digital channels: web, mobile, apps, kiosks, voice and augmented and mixed reality experiences.
Iterative, human-centered processes put the customer at the centre of the design process. We consider the end user at every stage of product design, from early storyboards, sketches and concepts through to wireframes, prototypes and final designs.
We know how to articulate a design problem and distil research and data into tactical and actionable insights and designs that meet business and user needs.
Concepting & prototyping
Innovation needs space to experiment. We challenge assumptions and get ideas out early and gather feedback to hone and iterate ideas through tangible design prototypes. Prototypes come in variety of fidelities, from high level sketches through to fully iterated and interactive applications. The purpose of prototypes is to experiment with design approaches and work through ideas before development begins.
Content strategy & information architecture
Content is a foundation of great experience: content that resonates, content that is organized in a way that makes sense to your customers, and content that is easy for you to manage and maintain across devices, applications and systems. We organize and structure content that communicates the business proposition and maps to audiences’ mental models, supports intuitive navigation and offers easy access to information.
User interface design
Engage with your customers with simple, consistent interfaces, that are purposeful with interactions, anticipate their needs, enable them to control the experience, reduce cognitive load and work across devices with similar patterns and models.

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Why Spatial for design services?

Great design is about solving problems and creating things that serve people’s needs. We follow an iterative, human-centred process that puts the customer at the centre of the design process.

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