We use visual design to communicate ideas and connect customer experiences with your brand.
Art direction for interfaces
We provide art direction and design that translates the nuances of your brand personality into choices around interface elements, including typography, colour and imagery. We can create visual design assets including iconography, illustration, photography, video and animation.
Visual design for research & concepting
In the context of research and product concepting, we create infographics, storyboards, personas, journey maps and polished presentation material that help you convey your ideas in a way that is impactful and memorable.
Visual design for research & concepting
At the beginning of a project, information and new ideas are visually concepted into early-stage visual artefacts gives your team the opportunity to visualize the project’s trajectory. These concepts offer an opportunity for early testing with your users to confirm that the right decisions are being made, which saves both time and financial resources for later in the project.

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Why Spatial for design services?

Great design is about solving problems and creating things that serve people’s needs. We follow an iterative, human-centred process that puts the customer at the centre of the design process.

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